Consultation & Research

You can come and visit us free of engagement to consult us about your question or to check if your question has been answered before. 


After designing a product and the approval of the customer, it will be put to the test in consulation with the client. 

to manufacture

We can also manufacture your electronic product. Due to many years of good experiences with various production companies, we also work closely together with them.

service contracts

For a number of clients we also service your products. This may range from the installation of your product to the maintenaice and/or service contracts for the long term.


Acquaintance with customer

You have found us. You can use our conference room to get to know each other individually or in larger connection. It goes without saying that confidentiality will be assured.  

During the introductory interview you can indicate what you want from us and together with you we can determine if Muco Technologies BV can be the right partner for you as customer. During the introductory interview we will highlight our capabilities for your specific wishes and we can tailor make an estimate for your project.

First estimate
After the first step, Muco Technologies BV will produce a first estimate, based upon the supplied information. With this first estimate, Muco Technologies BV gives the customer an idea of how the project fits into the frame. The first estimate includes the development costs, the production costs per product and the extra costs (CE inspection, parts, prototypes) when appropriate.
Followed session

In the followed session, the order will be specified, dependent on the product order type. The specification can be supplied by the customer, by Muco Technologies BV, or can be created together. After the fixation of the specifications, the first estimate may be adjusted and the customer can decide whether to continue with the complete plan of action.

The steps to be taken are recorded in a certain timeframe so that the customer knows when and what to expect.

Development phase
In this stage, Muco Technologies BV will constantly keep the customer posted about the progress. We have contact every week and the progress is discussed.

The first prototypes will be supplied by Muco Technologies BV. Dependent on the complexity and intensity of the PCB, parts of it can be assembled at a partner-company. In most cases, the complete circuit board will be assembled in house. Muco Technologies BV has the tools to do this with. Dependent on the type of order, the prototype will be wholly or partially tested by Muco Technologies BV before it will be presented to the customer.

Together with the customer, we will determine if the prototype meets the objectives and adjustments, if any can be carried through. Now we can make arrangements how to proceed. It is sometimes advisable to present one or more prototypes to the testing authorities (CE, KEMA), before proceeding with the first production series.

Inspection of conformity
The inspection can be guided by Muco Technologies BV. This will be recorded in the original order together with the customer. Muco Technologies BV has experience in designing for specific directives (TBR21, EMC, CE, high-voltage-tests), so Muco Technologies BV is certainly a good partner in this. Muco Technologies BV uses the services of a.o. DARE and KEMA.
First production (null-series)
Essentially, Muco Technologies BV will not do any production-work, but we insist on conducting the production. Mainly to check if the devices used comply with the specifications that were setup initially, and secondly to check if production does not raise any problems with the assembly of the product. The null-series resemble the prototypes in a way, but in this case, the production takes place in a production-company (or in some cases at the customer).
After the first production, a review will be planned to check if all our objectives are met. The outcome of a consultation with our customer can be, that still small changes are necessary for the final production. In this phase, products are tested extensively and can be sent to the testing-authority when appropriate.
The first production will always need some after-care, and in some cases software-updates are needed. Muco Technologies BV is a good partner in this, and realises it is of the greatest importance to act fast in this stage. The after-care is high on our agenda, so our customer can still address problems to us after the development stage is finished.

Muco Technologies

Specialist in developing new products and small-scale productions.


If you have questions, you can contact us by email, phone or use our form.