Processing steps

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Consultation & research

You can come and visit us free of engagement to consult us about your question or to check if your question has been answered before. We also scan the market regularly to investigate technical novelties and other solutions. These can be used again in your designs.

As a first step Muco Technologies BV will turn this consultation into a first assessment based on the data provided by you. This enables Muco Technologies BV to give the client a clear picture to what extent the project fits the outline. The first assessment will give you an overview of the development cost, production cost per unit, additional cost such as CE testing, components of prototypes that might be made so far as applicable.

To make prototype

After designing a product and the approval of the customer, it will put to the test in consultation with the client. A prototype will be assembled at Muco Technologies BV. Dependent on the complexity and intensity of a design, parts of the circuit board can be assembled at a partner company. The prototype will be wholly or partially tested by Muco Technologies BV in order to be presented to the customer.

Together we will determine if the prototype meets the objectives and adaptations, if any can be carried through. Arrangements can be made how to proceed. It is sometimes advisable to present one or more prototypes at the testing authorities (CE, KEMA) before proceeding with the first production series.

To manufacture product

Muco Technologies BV can also manufacture your product. Due to many years of good experiences with various production companies, we also work closely together with them.

This promotes the speed and quality for manufacturing your product. Dependent on the production size, the best production company is being chosen in consultation with the client. This may well be your own production company and in that case we can be your partner to monitor the production.

Service contract

For a number of clients we also service your products. This may range from the installation of your product to the maintenance and/or service contracts for the long term. To this end we have the disposal of a number of technical engineers who can help and support your clients at site.

See also our process/workmethod.