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Alusta Natuurlijke Ventilatietechniek B.V. in Etten-Leur has been put into liquidation by the Court in The Hague.

Dear customer and/or user of an Alusta ventilation system,
As you may have heard, Alusta Natuurlijke Ventilatietechniek B.V. in Etten-Leur has been put into liquidation by the Court in The Hague.

People regularly call us asking what is going to happen now.

  • What about the maintenance and service contracts? 
  • Who is going to carry out the repairs, and the annual maintenance?

We understand your concerns and questions, which is why Muco Technologies B.V. has decided to post this message.

A brief introduction of who we are and what we do:

Muco Technologies B.V. is an independent company focused on carrying out projects and developing new electronics products for various clients, including Alusta and Bergschenhoek in the field of ventilation systems.

For example, Alusta approached us approx. 20 years ago, and Bergschenhoek around 15 years ago, to develop the VENT-O-SYSTEM, AUTOFLOW 2000 and AUTOFLOW 3000 systems. We therefore know these systems inside out.

Furthermore, Muco Technologies B.V. has been supporting technical servicing for over 20 years for the above-mentioned systems, with its own specialised field service team. Most users of the AF2K and AF3K systems already know Muco Technologies B.V. from day one for maintenance and repairs, and we will of course continue to provide this service. Alusta‚Äôs liquidation will not change anything.

To make your life easier, you can now also contact Muco Technologies B.V. for questions, advice, repairs and major annual overhauls on Vent-O-System systems.

We trust that we have provided you with sufficient information.

For further questions, please call us or send an email to .



We are faced with questions about Vent-O-System parts purchased from private individuals, service companies and second-hand websites on a daily basis.

What are the risks if you buy these devices?

  • There are various hardware and software versions
  • In addition, the communication protocol has been modified over the years
  • The Vent-O-Staat state must be programmed according to your home conditions and the existing Vent-O-System equipment
  • You are running a high risk when purchasing this equipment in this way, even if the devices are complete, in which case there is little chance that the right software is available, and that the hardware is compatible with the hardware already present in your home.

Only a specialised company like Muco Technologies B.V. can provide you with the right support and the right equipment. Furthermore, we can provide all the equipment with the right software.

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