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kleine applicaties

In the near future we expect the need for applications on smart phones (iPhone) and Tablet PC (IPAD). To be able to cope with these questions we started engeneering on these platforms with some small applications.

As a first step, we made an application based on the Android operating system.This OS is used in smartphones from HTC and Samsung.There are several so-called "tablets" for sale, the equivalent of the iPad. We purchased three of these units for investigation.

The first application that we created retrieved some data from a PC-server. This server dropped the data on our LAN. Using a WiFi router enabled the android smartphones and tablets to retrieve the data. The data in this case would display the data from 8 sensore (CO2 concentrations) and the capacity of a ventilator. The value of the sensor are continuously updated and depending on the level, each sensor value is also shown a certain color. The server used UDP to provide the show that the data may be retrieved by multiple units simultaneously.


Once we had mastered this, we decided to build this application  also for the iOS for the iPhone and iPad. Now we are working to create a demo application for another client, scholarship worthy. More news once it also has seen the light, probably in the first quarter of 2011

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