BMS Air Inlet Flow Unit

GBS Rooster Flow Unit

For ALUSTA, Muco Technologies BV has created an air-inlet flow unit that can be controlled by the BMS.

BMS stands for Building Management System. These systems are used to control the temperatur, the ventilation and often also the lights of a building.

The control for this units is based on a 0 to 10 VDC input that also allows bi-directional communication. With this the BMS can control the unit (open, close, or flow controlled). And with the feedback, the BMS can also check which is the current flow or position of the valve. This allows the BMS to monitor the total demand of the ventilation through all units, also when a user has changed the valve position (with the remote control).

Except that the unit can be controlled by 0 .. 10 VDC the unit also holds a circuit with a 2 .. 20 mA current controlled input and output.

The input voltage of the device is 24 VAC, chosen so that the unit can be controlled with standard BMS control units, like those of for example from PRIVA.