IR faucet

We developed the control electronics for the Miscea’s complete infrared taps product line (Classic, Kitchen and Light).
The new concept is built around the Cypress PSOC 5 family.

This processor line consists of an ARM Cortex M3 processor, together with additional programmable digital and analogue blocks.

Miscea-light By using OTA amplifiers and various basic digital building blocks, an extremely compact and sensitive infrared detector solution has been developed. Where several analogue components are needed, a single chip solution is now possible. This results in a very small ‘electronic footprint’, which gives product designers more artistic licence.

The number of detection areas with a single-chip solution is fully scalable, and an LED control has been added that does not affect the infrared detectors. What’s more, the sensor is actually the most sensitive of its kind on the market today.

To keep service time in the field as short as possible, a high-speed "PSOC 5" bootloader has been developed along with the associated PC drivers.

The product is now in full production.