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IR faucet

We developed the control electronics for the Miscea’s complete infrared taps product line (Classic, Kitchen and Light).
The new concept is built around the Cypress PSOC 5 family.

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New Phase Colour Recognition System

Since July 2012, Muco Technologies BV is developing a new variant of Phase Colour Recognition System (FUU) which is designed especially for the German market.

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WiFi interface


Muco Technologies BV itself is busy investigating if we can present an embedded solution based on which the equipment can be simply provided with a WIFI interface.

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BMS Air Inlet Flow Unit

GBS Rooster Flow Unit

For ALUSTA, Muco Technologies BV has created an air-inlet flow unit that can be controlled by the BMS.

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Embedded Network SW


Currently we are extending our software library by implementing a network software module.

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