Phase Colour Determination System

FUU -Safe and reliable !

Voltage free determination while the cores are short-circuited to earth. In addition to faster and easier use, working with the FUU is especially safe. The built-in safety systems of the FUU meet all the current requirements to safe working conditions in high-voltage grids.

When measuring with the unit it is required to use the prescribed standard connector cables for earthing, the result being that this is always done correctly at dead and earthed cables. The FUU therefore is well ahead of the European safety requirements.

Since 1990, Muco Industrie BV manufactures the Phase Colour Determination System.
The most convincing evidence for its user friendliness is the fact that it is now being used by nearly all Dutch power companies. Here it is regarded as the standard measuring method, especially for medium voltage grids.

The rest of Europe is also very interested in using this Dutch measuring system. Belgium and Germany have already started using it.

The FUU is provided with cable diameters of 30, 50 and 100 mm.

On the download page you can view the FUU brochure with specifications. See also our FUU website.