Artemis is a system of CHL Netherlands BV.
This company has been operating since 1947 in designing and producing equipment for microwave technology. The main products of the CHL are the high performance slotted waveguide "antennas".

Artemis MK5 is a position determination system for short distance (up to 30 km). It combines proven techniques of microwave positioning of earlier versions with the latest technology of our time in order to achieve an accuracy in all weather conditions. For this only one reference point has to be used.

artemis groot2The system is an ideal dynamic positioning system for cargo ships and oil tankers, but also for other applications it is a good alternative.Especially in areas where satellite systems like GPS and DGPS are unable to work (shielding) by the position on earth or the environment itself (eg oil platforms due to their size, the satellite system off).

The standard system of Artemis consists of two identical user to set up stations:
The mobile system (MOB) is placed on a ship of which the position must be determined. This FIX may be located on a buoy, an oil platform or a fixed point on shore.