Green Bus Stop Display

For our client Surtronic, Muco Technologies BV developed a bus stop display (2008). The basis of this development is a controller board with a number of LCD modules that displays the bus schedule in combination with real time data. The unit is a self-powering unit with an onboard solarcharger. By using a GPRS modem in a special low power mode, the unit can last about one year without recharging the batteries.

After this period the batteries can easily be replaced. The status information can remotely read out of the units so the administrator can monitor the operation and also check what is displayed on the LCD modules.The unit also features backlite that can be switched on using a handsensor.

The information to display on the unit is provided by the various bus companies. Through a central server, the data is collected and processed by a data provider using a fixed protocol.

Via a GPRS connection, the data are sent from server to all the bus stop displays.

These displays are used as bus stop displays 2009 in the province of South Holland. In 2011, similar displays are placed in the province of Overijssel.