Orderpicking system

For ABM, Muco Technologies designed a new controller for an orderpicking system (2009). Orderpicking is the term that is used to collect an order in the bigger warehouses. Because the controller is equiped with a graphics screen, ABM introduced the name 'Pick To Graphics'.

The concept of Pick-To-Graphics (PTG) is a development of existing principles Pick-To-Light (PTL) and Pick-To-Color (PTC). These systems presents in detail all the information that the order picker needs. This includes not only information about the products, packaging and numbers, but also the directions inside the warehouse of the remaining picks to fullfill the order.

The design is based on an MX-25 from Freescale (ARM-9) with a Linux operating system. Besides the hardware we created the software drivers based on the BSP of Freescale. The customer ABM is able to controll all the hardware and implemented theri application based on our software libraries. With the first units ABM shoot a beautiful video to introduce the system an exhibition.

For ABM we also designed the housings for this project and we also made the molds for these housings.