For Fluid Management from Sassenheim Muco Technologies BV developed the new microprocessor controlled circuit board that is used in the paint-mixing/-dispensers of this company. Beside paint mixers the company also produces the "paint shakers" which we all know from the builderĀ“s merchantĀ“s in the Netherlands. The adjoined unit is the new hair paint dispenser by the name of Tintia (see also www.fluidman.nl) where the powerbox is the core of the machine. Muco Technologies BV also designed and supplied the controller for the graphic LCD as well as the keyboard.

Muco Technologies BV has recently received the order for a redesign of this controller for a larger LCD.

The principle of the paint mixing machines is based on the right composition of the various paint colours that together with the basic paint can prepare the paint colour desired by the customer. The various colours have been stored in a round warehouse with metal cylinders in stock.

The paint mixers have various sizes with then again a diversity of different motors (2,3,4 and also motors with 5 steps) what made it difficult to design the right basic circuit board for the wide range of electronics to be controlled.
Therefore a choice was made for an extensive PCB that can be set up very flexible. It is also possible to load software parts separately so that the right software for the various machines can be loaded through a simple interface.

Muco Technologies BV has also built the operating system for the powerbox with the help of which the developers at Fluid Management have coded the final application.