Towel dispenser

For the company Vendor, Muco Technologies BV has developed the electronics for a new line of towel dispensers. The design of the enclosure is done by MMID. For Vendor MMID developed a new, extremely user-friendly toweldispenser that is distinguished by the new (electronic) functions and ease of maintenance.

hda open kleinThe first design is a towel dispenser with electronics that can be placed in two types of dispenser. These machines have various settings that enables the user to control the use of the paperlength. The machine operates on a single accu and indicates as well when it should be loaded. Due to the sufficient use of the battery in combination with the low power use of the electronics the machine can operate for 1 year on a single accu. There is also a special version of the toweldispenser that gives only paper after approaching a handsensor. This type of dispenser is used in the 'food' industry (no touch of the dispenser).

After that this dispenser was designed, MMID designed a second dispenser, the semi-automatic. The engine of this machine hereby is the user. By issuing a new paper the dispenser generates enough energy to provide power to the electronics. No other powersource is used besides this human energy: Green energy!